Paying Too Much for Car Insurance?

Unless you are independently wealthy, chances are good that you wouldn’t mind saving a buck or two on your car insurance. Unfortunately, many drivers assume that they are getting the best rate possible on their car insurance, especially if they have been doing business with the same insurer for awhile. The truth of the matter is that most folks are driving around blissfully unaware that they could be saving hundreds of dollars on their car insurance if they would just take the time to compare rates. And while it is true that most insurance companies do give discounts to loyal customers that have been with them for a period of time – if you have not been shopping around to see if you could be saving with a different company, you may be missing out!

Comparing Multiple Auto Insurance Quotes

There was a time when all auto insurance was bought in person. You walked into an insurance agency and bought a policy. The advent of the Internet, however, has revolutionized the way that we buy car insurance. Drivers can now get online and utilize the services of our insurance rate comparison service that will allow them to compare rates from top companies. The process is very simple and takes just a few minutes. You will typically be asked to enter basic information in order to retrieve multiple quotes, including information about:

  • How to contact you
  • Your driving history
  • The driving history of other drivers in the household
  • Your vehicle(s)
  • The amount of coverage you would like to buy

Using this information, our insurance rate comparison service can generate quotes from multiple insurers, and you can choose to have the quotes delivered to you instantly, via email, via phone, or through the mail. Drivers requesting quotes are under no obligation to make a purchase and there is never a charge to use the rate comparison service.

Why Compare Rates?

In today’s economy, saving money whenever possible is ideal. Even if you are pleased with the rates that you are currently receiving from your car insurance carrier, rates can vary substantially from company to company by as much as 30%. Insurance companies are in a perpetual heated competition with one another, which means one thing for drivers: reduced rates.

It is also invariably a wise idea to occasionally review your coverage needs when shopping for insurance, especially if you have been with the same company for a long time.

  • Do you still have a need for comprehensive coverage on a vehicle that is ten years old?
  • If the car is worth little and you are a non-homeowner, then you may be better off to purchase liability-only coverage.
  • Do you have more assets now than when you bought your original car insurance policy? If so, you may need a higher level of coverage that protects those assets in the event of a serious accident.

By shopping around and comparing rates with different car insurance carriers, you will be able to find the best rate on the level of coverage that you need.

We take all the hard work out of locating the best deal, allowing you to quickly determine if you are paying too much for your car insurance.